Artist Statement創作理念

About artist

The reason why I chose stranger introvert as my artist name is because introvert is one of my the same time introvert means that i need to be open minded to the unknown ,to explore and to discuss it. Meanwhile, stay suspicious of something I already know,to research and analyze it.

Nowadays, The world is full of anxiety, fear and destruction. Therefore,creating a neutral and relaxed space as a carrier to contain the feelings people experienced in this uncontrollable and versatile world is important for me. Despite maintaining the peaceful and balanced mentality by myself,extending the possibilities of resilience and inclusiveness art works can create is crucial for me too.

The quiet and stillness of the graphic works may be a resting place for this misleading and information explosion society. After taking a break from the fierce reality, we can continue to pursue the truth in our heart with more courage and determination .

I hope that my creation can maintain sincere and gentle.Meanwhile,continuing to record the story of modern life.

About works

I create four series which are”Space for soul””Bole””human”and “life series”.  My concept is from Henry Gleitman’s book “psychology”. He mentions that when individuals have their own tangible or intangible space, conflict will lessen.

Below are  these four series detailed concepts.

Space for soul

Struggling with power and violence is what we face in the modern world every day. Living under this condition,people always try their best to conquer the difficulties and strive for whom they care and love at the same time. Consequently,taking care of ourselves becomes the least important thing in our daily life.

Creating a quiet and peaceful space in this chaotic world is important for me. “Space for soul” is the series that I hope I can give not only myself but also viewers a space for the exhausted modern life. After taking care of ourselves, we will have more inner energy to fight for what we believe and protect who we love.


Ancient sage once said that “Strong horses are not rare.However,the man who can recognize the strong horses is rare”. The man was called BOLE by people  at the time. BOLE is considered a star that takes care of the sky horse.

This series I want to record the thing that is always being ignored. I desperately hope my effort of magnifying the beauty I saw can be seen too. Not the shallow visual beauty but the beauty and kindness that glimmer in this cruel world.


Human’s images have been in my paintings several times. In the process, I dull several characters on purpose, such as sexual characteristics and wearings. Except for the reason I don’t want to stabilize human beings,the most important thing is that I hope I can create a place that stays open and private at the same time. Viewers can throw their mental burdens away and enter different scenes in the paintings comfortably.

life series

In the process of creating artworks, the esteem toward life and spirits is one of my main philosophies. As a result,I create Stranger Introvert as my pseudonym. Stranger means I have to be open minded and to be questionable both the thing that I already knew and the thing I am not familiar with. Meanwhile,I try my best to invest and examine the world.

Everything has its own spirit, the reason why I didn’t give this series’ paintings their respective names is that every life is tremendously complicated. Instead of defining or delivering any view to the viewers,creating the unique connection between viewers and paintings is more important to me.

There are different shapes and spirits of animals and plants in the artworks. For me,sensing the spirits is more important than sensing the shapes for me. Despite recording the scenes, observing the situation of animals and plants living in a mutual space in the city is what I want to display too. Even though some spirits claim to be harmful to humans, they still have the right to live in the city and they are desperately trying to survive.For me, their life is precious and beautiful to be recorded too.

Whether known or unknown, I wish I stayed brave to see life’s light and empathy  life’s dim.






  • 靈魂空間




  • 生命系列



  • 伯樂







job experience工作經歷

2018~2020藝術治療工作室助理Art Therapy Map as assistant


  • 財團法人台灣兒童暨家庭扶助基金會台北青角分事務所擔任石牌國中藝術與遊戲社社團講師Adjunct instructor at Taiwan Fund for children and families youth corner branch office(TFCF)
  • 私人藝術教學工作室教師Personal art teacher


Solo exhibition

  • 2020,Stranger intronert/YANG,SHU-HAN annual solo exhibition,TWTCExhibition Hall 1,Taipei, Taiwan
  • 2021,territory-Stranger intronert solo exhibition,sincewell gallery,Kaohsiung ,Taiwan
  • 2022,Songshan Cultural and Creative Park,Rest space constructing- Stranger Introvert,Taipei, Taiwan
  • 2022,,Stranger Introvert and viewer’s symbol-manipulating system,Taipei, Taiwan

Group exhibition

  • 2018,SHĀO ZÒNG JÍ SHÌ BǍO,Taipei National University of the Arts,Taipei, Taiwan
  • 2020,Contemporary art salon spring 2020,TWTCExhibition Hall 1,Taipei, Taiwan
  • 2020/10-2021/1,PINK! group art exhibition / PINK! csoportos művészeti kiállítás,Fabio M. Lanna Contemporary Art Gallery Art Café – Bródy Sándor utca, 27 – 1085, Budapest,Hungary
  • 2022,Young Art Kaohsiung 2022,Bureau of Cultural Affairs, Kaohsiung City Government,Kaohsiung ,Taiwan

Coming soon:

  • 2023,plant plan(Group exhibition),sincewell gallery,Kaohsiung ,Taiwan
  • 2023,Solo exhibition,KAISER ART GALLERY,Taichung,Taiwan


2020, Catalog Issue 2 – September 2020, page56~60,Florence Contemporary Gallery,ITALY(


2020,Mellow Art Award 2020,selected,Japan

2022 ,臺北市青少年發展處111年「青星展」徵件,selected,Taipei, Taiwan







匈牙利、布達佩斯 、Fabio M. Lanna Contemporary Art Gallery(Charbon Art Café)、PINK! group art exhibition (2020/10-2021/1)


  • 匈牙利、布達佩斯 、Fabio M. Lanna Contemporary Art Gallery(Charbon Art Café)、PINK! group art exhibition (2020/10-2021/1)
  • 台灣、高雄、新思惟人文空間、領域-內向陌生人


  • 台灣、台北、松山文創園區藝思空間、休憩空間建構中_內向陌生人
  • 台灣、台北、臺北市青少年發展處、內向陌生人與觀者的符號操作系統
  • 台灣、高雄、駁二藝術特區蓬萊區B4倉庫、高雄漾藝術博覽會


  • 2023台灣、高雄、新思惟人文空間,植感計畫,聯展
  • 2023台灣、台中,凱昇藝術中心,個展



2020,Mellow Art Award 2020,入選

2022 ,台灣、台北、臺北市青少年發展處111年「青星展」徵件 獲選