Discussing which without discussing事前討論計畫,但並沒有討論這件事情發生

事前討論計畫,但並沒有討論這件事情發生/油畫/Discussing which without discussing/oil painting
事前討論計畫,但並沒有討論這件事情發生/Discussing which without discussing

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Discussing which without discussing事前討論計畫,但並沒有討論這件事情發生

  • oil painting油畫
  • Artwork on wooden frame.裱木框
  • H 74.3 x W 92.8 x D2.7
  • 2018
  • 台幣TWD:40000(除台北地區,不含運費)
  • 美金USD:1330(Except Taipei area,shipping fee is not included)

About the artwork 關於作品:

Alfred Adler stated that “all worries come from relationships”. This concept is totally what i feel.

No matter emotions or situation,even the simplest thing can be misunderstood. It’s just like the information is blocked by a huge mountain. The worst part is that the information might just disappear sometimes.

奧地利心理學家阿德勒(Alfred Adler)說:所有煩惱,都是人際關係的煩惱。這個概念,穿透了我的感受。