Human-Premack Principle人-普力馬原則

  • Human-Premack Principle人-普力馬原則
  • oil painting/油畫
  • (W65×H53×D2.0cm)
  • 2022


美金USD:800(Except Taipei area,shipping fee is not included)

畫/半抽象/存在主義/本我/弗洛伊德/人/月亮/海/山/陽光/雲/樹/風景畫/買畫/畫/當代畫家/藝術收/oilpainting/abstract/utopia/Existentialism/id/Freud/cloud/moon/sea/mountain/light/sunlight/cloud/tree/landscape/scenery/portrait/taipei/buy artwork/painting/Contemporary artist/art collection/sunlight/ペインティング  /유화/ポートレート/초상화/月/달/海洋/대양


Human’s images have been in my paintings several times. In the process, I dull several characters on purpose, such as sexual characteristics and wearings. Except for the reason I don’t want to stabilize human beings,the most important thing is that I hope I can create a place that stays open and private at the same time. Viewers can throw their mental burdens away and enter different scenes in the paintings comfortably.