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  • oil painting油畫
  • (W53×45.5×D2cm)
  • 2020
  • 台幣TWD:15000(除台北地區,不含運費)
  • 美金USD:510(Except Taipei area,shipping fee is not included)

About the artwork 關於作品:

  Humans have strong minds. However,there will be sometimes the sadness is too hard to handle and can 

not be repaired immediately. The situation can be worse while people who love you rush to cope with it.

  I care about you . Nevertheless,I do not want to make you blame yourself for your sadness or feeling anxious about hurting someone who loves you while you are making an effort to protect yourself. I want to share my favorite sea and sky with you because i know you just want to get rid of this emotion.I will be with you quietly and let you know that you will not be alone once you decide to fix your broken heart.



“human series”人

Human’s images have been in my paintings several times. In the process, I dull several characters on purpose, such as sexual characteristics and wearings. Except for the reason I don’t want to stabilize human beings,the most important thing is that I hope I can create a place that stays opened and private at the same time. Viewers can throw their mental burdens away and enter different scenes in the paintings comfortably.