油畫/半抽象/買畫/畫/當代畫家/藝術收藏/動物/oilpainting/abstractportrait/taipei/buy artwork/painting/Contemporary artist/art collection/sunlight/animal/ペインティング /유화/ポートレート/초상화/月/달/海洋/대양/산 /日光ㄥ햇빛/구름/木/나무/風景画/풍경화/絵画を購入する/그림 구매/ ペインティング /페인트등/現代画家/현대 화가/アートコレクション/아트 컬렉션/風景畫/scenery/風景画/풍경화/風景/landscape/풍경/靜物畫/still-life/静物/정물/街景/streetview/ストリートビュー/스트리트뷰/#/植物 /plants/植物/공장 /月亮/moon/月/달/陽光/sunlight/日光/햇빛/雲/cloud/구름 /樹/tree/木/나무/花/flower/꽃/軟裝/畫廊/gallery/ギャラリ/ー갤러리/鳥/bird/とり/새
  • 生命-8/life-8
  • 油畫/oil painting
  • W53×H65×D2.0cm
  • 2023


美金USD:925(Except Taipei area,shipping fee is not included)

In the process of creating artworks, the esteem toward life and spirits is one of my main philosophies. As a result,I create Stranger Introvert as my pseudonym. Stranger means I have to be open minded and to be questionable both the thing that I already knew and the thing I am not familiar with. Meanwhile, I try my best to invest and examine the world.
Everything has its own spirit, the reason why I didn’t give this series’ paintings their respective names is that every life is tremendously complicated. Instead of defining or delivering any view to the viewers,creating the unique connection between viewers and paintings is more important to me.
There are different shapes and spirits of animals and plants in the artworks. For me, sensing the spirits is more important than sensing the shapes. Despite recording the scenes, observing the situation of animals and plants living in a mutual space in the city is what I want to display too. Even though some spirits claim to be harmful to humans, they still have the right to live in the city and they are desperately trying to survive.For me, their life is precious and beautiful to be recorded too.
Whether known or unknown, I wish I stayed brave to see life’s light and empathize with life’s dimness.

油畫/半抽象/買畫/畫/當代畫家/藝術收藏/oilpainting/abstractportrait/taipei/buy artwork/painting/Contemporary artist/art collection/sunlight/ペインティング  /유화/ポートレート/초상화/月/달/海洋/대양/산 /日光햇빛/구름//나무/風景画/풍경화/絵画を購入する/그림 구매/ ペインティング /페인트등/現代画家/현대 화가/アートコレクション/아트 컬렉션/風景畫/scenery/風景画/풍경화/風景/landscape/풍경/靜物畫/still-life/静物/정물/街景/streetview/ストリートビュー/스트리트뷰/#/植物  /plants/植物/공장 /月亮/moon/月/달/陽光/sunlight/日光/햇빛/雲/cloud/구름/樹/tree//나무/花/flower/꽃/軟裝/畫廊/gallery/ギャラリ/ー갤러리/鳥/bird/とり/새?c.6y7?monky?Taiwanartist