Personal Taipei-syndrome私人的台北症候群

私人的台北症候群/油畫/Personal Taipei-syndrome /oil painting
私人的台北症候群/Personal Taipei-syndrome

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Personal Taipei-syndrome 私人的台北症候群

  • oil painting油畫
  • Artwork on metal frame .Ready to hang.
  • 裱金屬框
  • 6F(H41×W36.5 x D0.2cm)
  • 2020
  • 台幣TWD:15000(除台北地區,不含運費)
  • 美金USD:410(Except Taipei area,shipping fee is not included)

About the artwork 關於作品:

  Noticing my own reflection at the high population density city.

  There are numerous songs that are describing the lonely travellers in Taipei. For me,this is a contradictory place.The city always stays in a hustle and bustle state. Voices from people and vehicles are disturbing.

  After spending my whole childhood in Taipei,I found that my complex feeling of the city is a reflection. The sense of  distance between everything that grows day by day is not from the city but myself.