油畫/半抽象/存在主義/本我/弗洛伊德/人/月亮/海/山/陽光/雲/樹/風景畫/買畫/畫/當代畫家/藝術收藏 /oilpainting/abstract/utopia/Existentialism/id/Freud/cloud/moon/sea/mountain/light/sunlight/cloud/tree/landscape/scenery/taipei/buy artwork/painting/Contemporary artist/art collection/sunlight/ペインティング /유화 /초상화 /ポートレート/月/달/海洋/대양#산 /日光/햇빛/구름/木/나무/風景画/풍경화/絵画を購入する/그림 구매/ ペインティング /페인트등/現代画家/현대 화가/アートコレクション/아트 컬렉션
  • 油畫oil painting
  • W65×H53×D2.0cm
  • 2021
  • 台幣TWD:22500
  • 美金USD:800
油畫/半抽象/存在主義/本我/弗洛伊德/人/月亮/海/山/陽光/雲/樹/風景畫/買畫/畫/當代畫家/藝術收藏/oilpainting/abstract/utopia/Existentialism/id/Freud/cloud/moon/sea/mountain/light/sunlight/cloud/tree/landscape/scenery/taipei/buy artwork/painting/Contemporary/artist/art collection/sunlight/ペインティング /유화 /초상화 /ポートレート/月/달/海洋/대양#산 /日光/햇빛/구름/木/나무/風景画/풍경화/絵画を購入する/그림 구매/ ペインティング /페인트등/現代画家/현대 화가/アートコレクション/아트 컬렉션

About the artwork 關於作品:

  “Art should be critical in such a chaotic moment. Whether your works are mixed with excessive unrealistic optimism?”There have been several people who have questioned me about this issue.

 “State”was created in the worst year I ever had imagined . In the meantime,it is one of my most optimistic drawings. Though it has a neutral space and loose human body,it is not about avoiding to witness the conflict and injustice in the world. It is about the courage to face it.

  We have to protect and strengthen our mind and to stay resilient in order to fight for our justice in this discordant world.





“human series”人

Human’s images have been in my paintings several times. In the process, I dull several characters on purpose, such as sexual characteristics and wearings. Except for the reason I don’t want to stabilize human beings,the most important thing is that I hope I can create a place that stays opened and private at the same time. Viewers can throw their mental burdens away and enter different scenes in the paintings comfortably.