Space for soul-11/靈魂空間-11

油畫/半抽象/存在主義/月亮/海/山/植物/燈光/陽光/雲/樹/風景畫/台北/買畫/畫/當代畫家/藝術收藏/oil painting/abstract/utopia/Existentialism/moon/sea/mountain/plant/light/sunlight/cloud /tree/landscape/scenery/taipei/buy artwork/painting/Contemporary artist/art collection/sunlight /ペインティング /유화/月/달/海洋/대양/산 /植物/공장/ライト/빛/日光/햇빛/구름/木나무/風景画/풍경화/絵画を購入する/그림 구매/ペインティング /유화/페인트등/現代画家/현대 화가/アートコレクション/아트 컬렉션
靈魂空間-11/Space for soul-11
  • 靈魂空間-11/Space for soul-11
  • 油畫//oil painting
  • W65×H53×D2.0cm
  • 2021



油畫/半抽象/存在主義/月亮/海/山/植物/燈光/陽光/雲/樹/風景畫/台北/買畫/畫/當代畫家/藝術收藏/oil painting/abstract/utopia/Existentialism/moon/sea/mountain/plant/light/sunlight/cloud/tree/landscape/scenery/taipei/buy artwork/painting/Contemporaryartist/art collection/sunlight/ペインティング  /유화/月/달/海洋/대양/산 /植物/공장/ライト/빛/日光/햇빛/구름/木나무/風景画/풍경화/絵画を購入する/그림 구매/ペインティング  /유화/페인트등/現代画家/현대 화가/アートコレクション/아트 컬렉션


Space for soul

Struggling with power and violence is what we face in the modern world every day. Living under this condition,people always try their best to conquer the difficulties and strive for whom they care and love at the same time. Consequently,taking care of ourselves becomes the least important thing in our daily life.

Creating a quiet and peaceful space in this chaotic world is important for me. “Space for soul” is the series that I hope I can give not only myself but also viewers a space for the exhausted modern life. After taking care of ourselves, we will have more inner energy to fight for what we believe and protect who we love.

  • 靈魂空間